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Electronic Payment Services

Electronic Payment Services (EPS)

The EPS is designed to simplify your collection and payment functions by unlocking the full potential of a computer-based solution. It offers the following:

  • A Debit Order service that is fully controlled by you up to the last business day prior to payment date.
  • An inbuilt payment switching capability that pays the rates, levies, agency's commission and the net to the property owner from the proceeds of funds collected from the tenant, all in one go.
  • Bulk payment of service providers on a date schedule controlled by you.
  • Automatic matching and allocation of payments made by tenants into your bank account.
  • Extra-ordinary savings on banking fees; up to 45% when compared with traditional banking fees.


Enables easy filing and retrieval of documents, prevention of loss and all-round accessibility.

  • Allows you to upload, classify and store lease documents online.
  • All system-generated documents automatically stored and catalogued for you.
  • Documents are accessible 24/7.
  • Easy to retrieve.

Free Suite of Documents

This ensures that you get the best available tenants and eliminate any losses to the landlord by giving you all the required industry documents absolutely free.

Free Suite of Documents Icon

Rental agreement, cancellation letters, extension addendums, demand letters etc. are provided free as part of the system’s functionality.

Workflow Icon

With its excellent workflow, documents are automatically produced and populated by the system as applicable.

Legislative Icon

All documents are frequently kept up to date with legislation by the leading firm of industry specialist attorneys in the country.

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Automated Document Production

Manual paperwork is now a thing of the past; saving you time and giving you speedy execution of tasks.

  • Documents (application form, rental agreements etc) are digitally populated for you at the click of a button.
  • Forward document to your client (tenant or owner) at the click of a button.
  • Allow for digital signing lease agreement and lease renewal addendum if desired.
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Accounting Screenshot

Easy Accounting

Our user-friendly accounting system enables you to safely maintain all your existing accounts.

  • A user-friendly accounting system that non-accountants can identify with.
  • Ledgers maintained for each tenant, property owner, agency and service provider.
  • Automated entries are raised for recurring types (e.g. rent due, pool service charge etc.)
  • Debit/credit the tenant/property owner for utilities, repair etc. with ease.
  • Annual summarised report to assist the property owner with their tax returns.
  • Support for grouping of properties for reporting purpose.
Calendar Reminder

Event Notifications

Keeping you Ahead of Time. Placing you Ahead of the Game.

  • Inbuilt event tracking with a notification service.
  • You’ll never miss another crucial event (e.g. expiring contracts, extensions, renewals etc).
  • Automated notices are sent to tenant and property owners e.g. payment due reminders, statements.
  • Setup your own reminder notes and let the PA dispense the notices for you.

Management Reports

View our suite of management reports and gain full visibility of all transactions, tracking your portfolio, tracking your performance.

  • A suite of management reports are provided to assist in managing your portfolio.
  • Allow for splitting the rental portfolio by managing agents.
  • Management and performance reports by managing agents.
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Service Providers

Service Providers

Working hand in hand for you.

  • Create and manage your own pool of service providers online.
  • Capture and manage your service invoices, and assign who to charge the invoice to.
  • Set automatic payment date for each invoice and allow the EPS to pay your service providers for you on the scheduled dates.


Whatever the problem, we have the solution. Our valuable team of professionals is always ready to help when you need them.

  • We are available by phone or email from Monday – Friday, 08:00 – 17:00.
  • Our proficient professionals always get the job done quickly and effectively.
Quickstart Function

Quickstart Function

Eliminate the tedious task of manually uploading data and save yourself hours of unnecessary labour.

  • The Quick Start function automates the transfer of data from your existing system via an excel spread sheet solution. Large amounts of data can be transferred into the PA within seconds without the need to manually recapture them.

Endless Evolution

At the core of our philosophy, are your evolving business needs, legislative compliance and best market practices. The PA will therefore continue to improve to keep up with these. Coming soon:

Inspection Tool Icon

Property inspections management tool.

Credit Request Icon

Automatic credit request at the click of a PA button.

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Automatic delivery of property to prime marketing web sites when available for renting.

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